Welcome to PlanCheyenne!  Adopted in 2006, PlanCheyenne  is a community-driven plan that charts our course for the future. Take a look at the adopted plan from 2006 >>

This site is your hub for information and announcements about the first major community update to PlanCheyenne, also known as PlanCheyenne: Reflections and Progress.  Over the course of the next year, we will be revisiting the plan to see what has been accomplished since 2006, and will be exploring what revisions and updates are needed to make sure the plan puts us on the right track for a positive future.

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PlanCheyenne Adopted

The City of Cheyenne Planning Commission, City Council, Laramie County Planning Commission, and Board of County Commissioners all recently voted to adopt PlanCheyenne. Some minor amendments to the plan were approved during the adoption process, so we'll post the updated documents soon.

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